Magnets, Metaphors, and Morals

Magnets, Metaphors, and Morals

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Why I'm Running

You might have noticed the arrow on my campaign signs. It’s a compass pointing north.

“True north” is how I explained it to my husband when I got the idea.

“Magnetic north,” he said. He’s a hiker.

“It’s a metaphor,” I said.

My mother, who spoke in metaphors, used to say, “Your moral compass isn’t true unless you’re willing to follow it to uncomfortable places.”

We’ve got a lot of broken moral compasses in Nashville.

The Republicans in Tennessee’s State House are marching in lockstep, terrified to break ranks with the lobbyists and wealthy donors who keep them in power. That’s why they’re ignoring the experts and passing radical laws that endanger us, like a total abortion ban, and opposing reasonable laws that would benefit us, like a secure storage law for firearms. God forbid they vote to do the fiscally responsible thing, like 40 other states, and get hundreds of thousands more people health insurance by expanding Medicaid. They might get called socialists.

I’ve never minded standing up, speaking out, or going my own way. I’ll follow my moral compass wherever it takes me. My only political ambition is to get Tennessee’s government back to helping Tennesseans.

If we want our state government to work for us, and not lobbyists and the wealthy few, we need state legislators with the courage to do what’s right.

Choose leaders who will choose you.