This Isn’t the America My Father Died For

Op-Ed, originally published in the Chattanooga Times Free Press February 13, 2017 A long time ago, a scrappy kid from St. Louis, inspired by watching his big brother fight for a noble cause, badgered his parents into letting him join the Marines at age 17. They were...

10 Things About Me

I’m a progressive candidate running to represent District 26 in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Here’s what else you should know: I’m a native Tennessean. Raised in Memphis, schooled in Knoxville (GBO!), married a guy from Nashville, lived in Chattanooga since...

Why I’m Running: The Hero

I don’t remember my dad, but he was my hero. Dad was a med-evac pilot in Vietnam. He was shot down trying to rescue eleven wounded soldiers in the heat of battle. My first memory is attending a ceremony honoring him as the most decorated Marine in the Vietnam War. I...

Why I’m Running: The Wounded Warrior

When my dad was killed in action, my gentle mom became a casualty of war too. Left to raise two little girls on her own, there were days she struggled just to get out of bed. Yet in a neighborhood full of silent witnesses, it was Mom who walked across the street alone...

Why I’m Running: The Role Model

My dad was a devout Catholic, raised in a big Irish family in St. Louis. My mom was a deeply spiritual Protestant, raised in a southern family with ministers on both sides. After Dad was killed in Vietnam, Mom honored him by raising my sister and me Catholic; she took...

Why I’m Running: The Underdog

When I was seven, I inherited a hundred dollars from one of the whiskery great-great aunts my Memphis family had in abundance. (That’s all we had in abundance, and that ended up being my only inheritance.) I used the money to buy a typewriter, and I used the...

Why I’m Running: The Path

On February 13, 2017, I wrote an opinion column for the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Less than a month into Donald Trump’s presidency, the country was so tense I felt like I was trapped in a house with the smoke alarms blaring. In my op-ed, I wrote about the cruel...

Why I'm Running

From the Campaign Trail

Reproductive Rights

Health Care

Gun Safety

Public Education


Bad Faith

Bad Faith

Governor Bill Lee tweeted out something interesting last year: “Government isn’t the answer to the...

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