Why I’m Running: The Role Model

Why I’m Running: The Role Model

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Why I'm Running

My dad was a devout Catholic, raised in a big Irish family in St. Louis. My mom was a deeply spiritual Protestant, raised in a southern family with ministers on both sides. After Dad was killed in Vietnam, Mom honored him by raising my sister and me Catholic; she took us to Mass every Sunday and sent us to parochial schools. She always reminded us that the one thing she could do for Dad was to give us the gift of his faith.

I was paying attention when I was taught to love my neighbor as myself,
and that “faith without works is dead.”

Frankly, I’ve always thought that it shouldn’t be necessary to announce that you’re a Christian. If it’s not obvious by your actions, you’re not doing it right.

That goes double for our state legislators, who regularly make very public decisions impacting millions of us. They can quote scripture and talk about Jesus all they want, but we can all see where their heart is by what they do.

● Jesus wouldn’t bully trans kids.
● Jesus wouldn’t criminalize homelessness.
● Jesus wouldn’t endanger us by weakening our already weak gun laws, against the advice of law enforcement.
● Jesus wouldn’t sit on our $1.45 billion “rainy day fund” during a pandemic-fueled economic meltdown.
● Jesus wouldn’t let people get sick and die because they can’t afford health care—especially when there are federal funds available to help them.

I’m running for TN House because I believe it’s the job of elected leaders to represent their constituents and serve the public, not to proselytize. If they want to turn hearts, they should walk the talk.